Spinning on a Drop Spindle

I’ve always done a lot of working with yarn, but I’ve never actually made my own yarn. Thanks to a spur-of-the-moment purchase of 16oz of Merino wool roving and a lovely little drop spindle, that has changed. - My SetUp

I’ve been teaching myself how to spin (thanks YouTube!), and here is one of the nifty little videos that I learned from:

My first go at making a small skein of yarn went as follows; I spun the yarn on the spindle:

15.03.06 - Spinning on a Drop Spindle

I then wrapped the yarn around a chair (you can do this with your arm as well but I like the chair a lot more) and added ties at intervals in a different colour: - Making Ties - Tied Up Yarn

And then I soaked it in some hot water without agitating the yarn: - Soaking the Yarn in Hot Water

Now the yarn is hanging to dry on my balcony! But while that is drying… - Day 3

More spinning! 🙂

Signing off,



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