Roving Indiana 2015 – Part 2

For our second day of Roving Indiana, we managed to go to four different stores, though I didn’t really take any pictures of the two last stores as they ended up being a little bit of a let-down. One was more a basket-weaving store, and only really had a small room in front where they had a couple different kinds of yarn, while the other one was a generic mom-and-pop crafts-store, with too much of other stuff and a little too much Jesus sprinkled on everything for my taste.

Village Yarn Shop
209 S Main Street, Zionsville IN



A small cozy little store with a handful of old ladies working on things, the Village Yarn Shop had what was easily my favorite yarn purchase so far. The Crazy Yarn, which is a double-plied blend of Merino, alpaca, and llama, was piled on the front table. Apparently this is the only store where you can get this yarn, so you can be sure that my friends and I got a couple skeins each. So colorful!

The Black Sheep
1095 Conner Street, Noblesville IN




Most easily my new favorite destination yarn store! The Black Sheep is located inside a Victorian House built in the early 19th century! Most of the interior is original, and the yarn store itself was comprised of several small rooms connected to each other in a sort of loop, with a small kitchen with cookies and coffee in the middle. They had all sorts of wonderful soft yarns, including Malabrigos, Juniper Moon Farms, and others. The rooms were themed; for example, there was a baby-room, a Malabrigo room, a hand-painted and hand-dyed yarn room, and so on. Gorgeous!

This coming Saturday will be my last day of the yarn crawl! Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to go to all 15 of the participating stores…but if we stick to the schedule, I will have been able to go to 13, which is still a pretty good number. šŸ™‚

Signing off,


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