Roving Indiana 2015 – Part 3

Today was our last day visiting all the stores for the Roving Indiana yarn crawl. Miraculously, I managed to visit all 15 stores! Yay! I visited Yarns Unlimited by myself yesterday, and today I went to In A Yarn Basket, The Clay Purl, Knitter’s Nook, and the Shabby Sheep & Ewe. Lots of yarning and roving (get it?).

Yarns Unlimited
115 S Walnut Street, Suite A, Bloomington IN


Yarns Unlimited is a local (to me) yarn store. They have a lot of art yarns, specialty yarns (they even have some skeins of silk and stainless steel yarns!), and looms for sale, and they also have lots of classes that you can take for a reasonable fee! I probably frequent this store the most, just because of its close proximity to where I live and the ease with which I can get to it, it being located right on the bus routes and all that.

The Clay Purl
58 E Main Street, Suite 3, Nashville IN




Located in the gorgeous city of Nashville IN, The Clay Purl is a quaint little store that supplies all sorts of yarn, as well as Icelandic wool roving from local sheep! I was excited to get a couple of ounces of that, and will be spinning with it soon. πŸ™‚

Knitter’s Nook
675 Reeves Way, Columbus IN


The Knitter’s Nook is an old store with a new location. Although it doesn’t look like much on the outside, once you enter the building, you are greeted with lovely brick walls and an airy, open shop. I ended up buying a few skeins of Rowan alpaca yarns in my favorite color, mustard yellow, which I plan on making a hat (very excited about that!).

Shabby Sheep & Ewe
1113 16th Street, Columbus IN




Another store located in Columbus IN, The Shabby Sheep & Ewe has all sorts of yarns, specialty yarns, handpainted yarns, notions, and project bags on sale. I snagged a gorgeous skein of handpainted Lorna’s Laces Haymarket in a gorgeous muted kaleidoscope of colors. Exciting!

All in all, Roving Indiana was a wonderful experience. I got to visit all sorts of yarn stores in the state, meet other fiber-fanatics, and purchase a lot of yarns that you can’t buy in other stores! And I definitely did not think I would go to all 15 stores, but somehow I managed to do so. πŸ™‚ I will definitely be doing this again next year!

Signing off,


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