Japan 2015 – Part 2


Tokinoyu Setsugetsuka, being a Japanese ryoken, had a beautiful Japanese-style garden. The best part of it was, you could see right into it from where you have breakfast! It was a little bit misty and drizzly, but that only added to the dreamy atmosphere of the garden.


Our breakfast was served to us on individual trays laden with food. Various side dishes (okazu), salad, miso soup, poached egg, yogurt with fruit, and even grilled salmon that you could reheat over an open flame grill.


After eating to the point of bursting (again!), we decided it was time to check out of the ryokan and explore what Hakone has to offer us.


Our first destination was the Musee du Petit Prince. It might seem a little odd that there may be an entire museum dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery located in Hakone, but apparently the Little Prince is HUGE here in Japan. And the picturesque mountain village of Hakone is the perfect to place to honor Saint-Exupery’s life achievements in the form of this adorable little museum.


The museum itself is rather small, but the surrounding grounds were large-ish and very well maintained. There were buildings made to recreate the feel of walking down small Parisian alleyways, as well as large houses that were supposed to look like the house that Saint-Exupery grew up in.





There was also a cute little restaurant located near the gift shop. Unfortunately we were a little too full from our exorbitant breakfast…but we still had the capacity for a little sweet something! 🙂



Signing off,


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