Japan 2015 – Part 3

When we last left off, we were in Hakone, Japan, having just enjoyed a delicious snack at the Musee du Petit Prince. Our next stop was the Hakone Venetian Glass Museum, and we got there by riding these little green mountain pass buses (all transportation is paid for when you purchase the Hakone tickets at Shinjuku Station).


Honestly, the museum itself wasn’t that great. Having been to the Jeju Glass Castle a few years back (I may do a blast-to-the-past type post someday), the Venetian Glass Museum was a little lackluster in comparison. They did have an interesting exhibit going on with antique glass perfume bottles, which was interesting. Apart from that though, I felt that the place was too commercialized; half the museum was actually a giant gift store place, selling pretty but overpriced glass trinkets. On another note, in the photo above, see the white smoke coming out from the mountain? Those are basically fumes from the sulphur springs of Owakudani…which were closed off to the public at the time because of concerns of volcanic activity. And a few days after we returned to Korea from Japan, there was apparently a big earthquake!


For lunch, we headed back to the ryokan we were staying in, and headed up the small alleyway to a tiny hole-in-the-wall noodle place. There was another restaurant right across the narrow street that was packed, and the stickers on the glass doors indicated that this was a Trip Advisor hotspot. However, there were WAY too many people in the line, and we were hungry, so in we went.


The restaurant was small and empty, but was very well-decorated and clean. The owner lady was extremely nice as well, and helped us with deciphering the menu. I ordered the soba set with tempura, which is what I usually get when I get Japanese food, and was very impressed with the quality and quantity of the food, compared to the price. I was a little sad to see that this lady’s restaurant was overshadowed by the overwhelmingly popular restaurant across the road, since it was such a lovely experience.


By continuing up the alleyway, we arrived at Gora Park. It was a very beautiful and meticulously kept park, and they even had a small stall selling plants. The weather was just perfect for taking pictures too; not too sunny, and not too dark.



Sadly, it was then time for us to head back to Tokyo. Our bags had already been delivered from the ryokan to Gora Station, so all we had to do was hop back on the mountain train, and take another Romancecar back to Shinjuku Station. Bye Hakone!

Next post, I’ll be taking you guys on my adventure to the Ghibli Museum, and what I thought of it. See you guys later!

Signing off,


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