Japan 2015 – Part 9

The hotel we were staying at, The New Otani Tokyo, was a swanky place with several different options for breakfast. We decided on The Top, a Western style buffet place on the 40th floor, overlooking the 200-year old Japanese garden.

After a delicious and filling breakfast buffet, we went back to Omotesando. The cafe that I wanted to go to, called Anniversary, was actually open today! 🙂

Anniversary is a tiny 3-tabled patisserie and cake store. It is also a really famous place for their delicious and beautifully decorated cakes, so they get a lot of requests for special parties, and weddings. There were some of those gorgeous cakes around the cafe, so we got to ogle them while we had our own little slices of cakes. While we were enjoying our cakes and coffee, there were even 2 sugar artists decorating cakes at the table next to us.

After that lovely little stop, we went to Otemachi Station, where we looked around the Imperial Palace East Gardens and the entrance of the Imperial Palace itself. While we weren’t allowed inside the Imperial Palace, the East Gardens had a very interesting exhibit on all of the old historical parts of the palace. And the gardens were meticulously kept.

Sorry guys, I’m not feeling too well at the moment (combination of a flu and allergies). So this post isn’t going to be too in-depth. I will hopefully get the next post up, as soon as I feel a little better.

Signing off,


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