Japan 2015 – Part 10

Last Japan post! Sorry about the big gap between posts there. School and school-related stress were taking over my life.

Our last real day in Japan was a very slow and relaxed one. We didn’t really have any plans, and we didn’t really do much new. It was mostly a day to take a breather, and just enjoy our last day to look around at things.

After breakfast at the Japanese buffet breakfast place Satsuki (which didn’t come with a gorgeous view like the Top, but it had a much more delicious and varied menu of foods), we took the opportunity to meander around the beautiful and 400 year old Japanese garden on the hotel grounds.

After that lovely walk, we spent most of our day back at Harajuku and Shibuya. There, we explored more tiny stores and did some last-minute gift shopping for friends and family back home. The mall I enjoyed most was the Hikarie mall at Shibuya, where you could find all sorts of cute zakka and kitchen and home wares. And of course I bought some bento making tools and kits. Duh.

And that’s it! The next day, after breakfast at yet another buffet dining hall, we took the metro to Nihonbashi Station, where we then took a bus to Narita Airport. Our flight back to Korea was uneventful and short, and I spent most of it knitting on some socks.

Have you been to Japan? What were your favorite places/moments? Leave a comment, or like this if you enjoyed reading this series. 🙂

I will be posting soon with some more pictures I took of my summer break (I think). Or it will be some knitting posts. Who knows. Stay tuned!

Signing off,


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