Change of Plans

So this weekend, I did go to the Farmer’s Market soup tasting, and I did (briefly) go to the Artisan Guilds of Bloomington Holiday Show…but I didn’t take too many pictures. Reasons being there were way too many people, and we ended up having to go to Indianapolis soon afterwards for something else. But I did take some delicious looking pictures from our brunch at Cardinal Spirits!

They had a special warmed apple cider (with or without your choice of liquor), which had tangs of orange, clove, and honey. Probably the most delicious apple cider I’ve ever had. And perfect for the slightly chilly, breezy weather too!

And my friend had a Moscow Mule, served in a cute little copper mug…

There was a Mexican food truck outside that was serving the food. You had to go outside and order and pay at the truck, but the food was served to you inside the brewery. Weird. But I got some delicious scotch eggs. Unfortunately though, they completely messed up my friend’s order. And it was too cold to justify going back outside to contest that. Good job, guys.

Hope everybody else’s weekend has been similarly relaxing!

Signing off,


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