Early Christmas and Pies and Cookies

Sorry for the long absence; school was finishing up and I had a lot of final exams and assignments to work on and study for. The good news is that I’m all done!

The plan for Christmas break is to spend it in Korea with my parents and my brother, whom I haven’t seen in 6 months. So that will be nice. But my boyfriend and roommates wanted to do a mini-Christmas with me before I left this weekend, so we had ourselves a little early Christmas party, complete with baking and stockings and presents.

My amazing boyfriend made us all a supremely tasty “apple-brown-sugar-cinnamon-Mountain-Dew” pie, complete with a gorgeous lattice top…

…that turned out deliciously browned and flaky on top, and juicy inside. Yum!

After struggling with store-bought cookie dough, I finally relented and made some gingerbread cookies from scratch (which took ages because for some reason my brain interpreted “chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours” for “stick it in the freezer forever”). I’m glad I did that though, because we had a lot of fun decorating.

Yay cookies!

I will be flying to Korea tomorrow, on a 6AM flight that’s going to be awful. At least I’ll have my knitting and a brand new book to read on the trip.

Signing off,


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