Fiber Sunday and Anniversary Party at In A Yarn Basket

This Sunday was a double event at my local yarn store; their monthly Fiber Sunday and their Anniversary Party! In A Yarn Basket is my favorite LYS, even if it is further from my home than the other one. Everybody I have met there is super friendly, the store is inviting, and there is a Starbucks just across the road so I can stay caffeinated (even though most of the time the store gives me coffee!).

Today, a friend of mine brought two of her wheels in with her for us to play around with. A larger Canadian production wheel that spun like a race-car, and an adorable and tiny parlor wheel from the late 1800s! The production wheel was much too fast for me, so I got to play with the antique, which spun beautifully.

Another one of my friends took this video of me spinning some mystery fiber on the parlor wheel. As you can see, it needs a lot of pedaling to get going, but it was still a lot of fun!

In addition to all this spinning, there were cookies and cold cuts and cheese to enjoy, as well as door prizes for the anniversary. Guess who won the grand prize???


Not only is this an awesome knitting/spinning bag, this bag grants me 10% off any purchases I make in the store for the rest of 2016! And for somebody who buys as much fiber stuff as I do, that’s a big deal 😉

In addition to all of that, everybody was given one free sample bag of fiber to spin. I picked up some cotton for myself, as I’ve never spun any plant-fibers, and wanted to give it a go. It’s a gorgeous brown color, and I’ll probably write more on my experience spinning that at some point later on.

Today was definitely a great day, filled with lots of fiber, friends, and coffee. And if you’re ever in Bloomington and are looking for a great little yarn store, definitely check out In A Yarn Basket!

Signing off,


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