Coffee Break

While in Korea, I went to a number of lovely cafes with delicious coffees. I thought it would be a nice break from the usually (overly) wordy nature of my blog and just share some pretty pictures.

The first place was Alex the Coffee. Located in Yongin, the cafe was built almost entirely out of glass. Beans were purchased directly at the source by the owners, who also had installed a top of the line stereo system so you could enjoy lovely music with your cuppa.

The second place was Somethin’ Else, a tiny cafe located in the quaint artisan district of Yeonnam-dong. Flanked on one side by an old railroad track that has now been converted into a neighborhood park, we enjoyed our delicious coffee and blueberry muffin that was roasted in-store to some smooth jazz.

The next cafe was actually just a gift shop for the LINE characters located inside a mall, but the packaging and interior decorations was just so cute! One side of the cafe/gift shop was even lined with character plushies wearing adorably knitted sweaters. The coffee was so-so, but the green tea and cream flavored roll cakes were delicious.

And last of all was a small cafe located at the top of the Ihwa Mural Village. Being an extremely hot and sunny day, the small air-conditioned house and the ice-cold coffee was a welcome escape from trudging up the hilly paths. I loved the little floral motifs on the cups and saucers. ♡♡♡

Coffee, glorious coffee. Hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you all later!

Signing off,


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