The Owls Cafe

Today we’ll be taking a break from my Korean photos and will be having lunch in Malaysia! The Owls Cafe, located in the Bukit Jalil suburb of Kuala Lumpur, was an unexpected, but nonetheless, lovely little gem of a coffee shop. Having just stumbled into the place while passing by, I entered without any real expectations and was pleasantly blown away by the quality of food and coffee, and adorably cozy decor.

Upon entering, the crowded and noisy atmosphere was a little bit overwhelming at first, but we were quickly attended to by a friendly and courteous staff member who directed us to our table. Ordering was done at the counter, with payment made simultaneously. Having placed our order, I quickly snapped a couple of photos of the numerous owl figurines huddled together on cozy wooden shelves throughout the place.

Our coffees arrived fairly quickly, with our meals following not too long after. I was a little startled at how quickly the food came out, which made me initially suspect that the food was simply reheated in a microwave. But after closer investigation and tasting, everything was delicious and fresh.

I ordered the Muffin & Lox (RM18, about 4.40 USD) and the Flat White (RM9, about 2.20 USD). The coffee was very well balanced with the milk, and not too sweet nor too bitter. The adorable latte art was also a plus. The salad, drizzled with roasted sesame dressing, was very fresh and crisp, while the smoked salmon was complemented by the smoothness of the cream cheese and coolness of the diced cucumber.

We also ordered the English Muffin (RM16, about 3.91 USD) and the Long Black (RM6, about 1.47 USD). The egg mayonnaise on the deliciously buttered muffin was not overly rich, thanks to the sun-dried tomatoes mixed within. The buttered parsley potatoes were roasted to perfect doneness, and this salad was also very crisp and fresh.

Overall, our lunch at The Owls Cafe was delicious and our visit a pleasant one. If I had to identify one fault, it would be that the tables were placed too closely together, and there were a couple of loud and unruly children (which isn’t really the establishment’s fault). There were numerous delicious looking cakes on display, but unfortunately we were too full to have any. There will definitely be a second visit here however, maybe for some tea and desserts.

The Owls Cafe also has an Instagram account here, where you can browse photos of their delectable creations.

Signing off,


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